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Porcelain Ceramic Braces, CA

Need braces to straighten your teeth but don’t like the look of metal braces? Porcelain ceramic braces are a wonderful alternative to traditional metal braces. Orthodontics of Bixby Knolls can fit you with state-of-the-art porcelain ceramic braces, resulting in a dazzling smile.

What Are Porcelain Ceramic Braces?

Porcelain ceramic braces, aka clear braces, are a type of braces that appear clear due to the materials used. They work the same way as typical metal braces but are far less visible. This is because the brackets used in porcelain ceramic braces are clear or tooth colored. The porcelain ceramic in the brackets does a far better job of blending in with teeth than the metal used in regular braces brackets.

As with metal braces, porcelain ceramic braces do their magic when the brackets gently draw the teeth into place via the wires that connect each bracket.

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Porcelain Ceramic Braces Long Beach CA
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What Are the Differences Between Porcelain Ceramic Braces and Metal Braces?

While porcelain ceramic braces work in almost the same exact way as traditional metal braces, there are a few minor yet significant differences between the two. The main difference is due to the material used in the brackets.

The porcelain ceramic is fairly resilient, but it is not as strong as the metal used in traditional braces. Therefore, the porcelain ceramic can be more prone to (rare) breakage. For this reason, we tighten porcelain ceramic braves a little more slowly, which means you need to wear them a little longer than metal braces.

The porcelain ceramic material is also a little more expensive than the metal used in traditional braces brackets. For this reason, we often use porcelain ceramic braces only on the top teeth and use metal braces on the lower teeth. (Braces on the lower teeth are rarely seen, so this setup still provides the benefits of the tooth-colored braces on the top.)

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What Are the Benefits of Porcelain Ceramic Braces?

Porcelain ceramic braces are a wonderful way to straighten teeth, providing both the benefits of traditional metal braces and clear aligners. Advantages of porcelain ceramic braces include:


Clear brackets blend in with natural teeth and are much less visible than the metal braces in traditional braces.


Through the use of porcelain ceramic braces, you can have straighter teeth and a much more beautiful smile.


Teeth straightened with porcelain ceramic braces will be easier to clean and thus enable better overall oral health.

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What Ages Can Wear Porcelain Ceramic Braces?

Any age that is ready to wear braces can potentially wear porcelain ceramic braces, however, they are more commonly used in older teens and adults. Because the porcelain ceramic brackets are slightly more prone to breakage than metal ones, these clear braces are less likely to be used with younger children.

What Do Porcelain Ceramic Braces Cost in Bixby Knolls?

Porcelain ceramic braces in North Long Beach may cost a little more than traditional metal braces, with a cost of a few thousand dollars. This cost can potentially be reduced via your dental health insurance plan. Orthodontics of Bixby Knolls will work with you on an affordable monthly payment plan to ease your finances. Please talk to our friendly front desk staff for more information on how we can help you with porcelain ceramic braces in Bixby Knolls.

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Porcelain Ceramic Braces in Bixby Knolls, California

If you are interested in porcelain ceramic braces in North Long Beach, contact us today at (562) 414-5203 to schedule your appointment at Orthodontics of Bixby Knolls.

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